Hi, my name is Sander Gieling and I’m a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Computer Engineering of Inholland University of Applied Sciences at Alkmaar, The Netherlands. I teach computer programming, formal language modelling (like UML, FSM’s, etc.), embedded engineering with both microcontrollers and Linux SBC’s and also introductory robotics courses, including most of the associated projects. Occasionally, I also teach the CE program’s writing course for engineers (using my favorite document preparation / typesetting system, LaTeX). Furthermore, I participate as an educational researcher in projects of the RIC-TOI research group.

Among many other things, my personal academic interests center around Thomistic Theology (realism, ontology, the relationship between revelation and science) and Scholastic and Moral Philosophy (realism, natural law, divine positive law). As a board member of the Thomistic Institute (a Dutch charity foundation aiming to connect western society with its philosophical roots, i.e. the body of thought of the Catholic intellectual tradition, that is so perfectly and comprehensively articulated in the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas, a 13th century philosopher).

You can contact me via LinkedIn.

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